Amplified INtelligence

Human intelligence, amplified.

About Amplified ​Intelligence

At Amplified Intelligence, we're all about bringing cutting-​edge AI into your daily life, making it easy to use and ​understand for everyone. Our standout service, AI Assists, ​offers a flexible pay-as-you-go AI experience, tailored to ​your needs while keeping your data private and secure.

We are a lean start-up, specializing in integrating easy-to-use ​AI tools like AI Assists, LogicCheck, Product Analyst Pro, and ​Agile Coach Pro into our everyday lives. These tools are ​designed to simplify your decisions and boost your productivity, ​whether you're managing personal projects or business tasks. ​Our goal is simple yet powerful: to make AI an everyday helper ​for you, opening up new possibilities and helping you achieve ​more in your life.

Explore each of our current products below!

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AI Assists

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Product Analyst

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